Carnage in the Valley; Gamecocks accuse Clemson of being disrespectful

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Clemson quarterback and Gainesville High graduate Deshaun Watson reacts after throwing a touchdown pass to Artavis Scott during the second half of Saturday's game against South Carolina in Clemson, S.C. Credit: GainesvilleTimes

Clemson quarterback and Gainesville High graduate Deshaun Watson reacts after throwing a touchdown pass to Artavis Scott during the second half of Saturday’s game against South Carolina in Clemson, S.C. Credit: GainesvilleTimes

Clemson destroyed South Carolina in a 56-7 bloodbath Saturday night in the Valley that will be remembered as possibly the most dominating performance in the history of the Palmetto Bowl. Honestly, it probably should’ve been worse than the final scoreboard showed. For perspective, the Tigers out gained the Gamecocks 622 to 218, rang up 40 first downs to Carolina’s 14 and that was against the Clemson back-ups for most of the second half.

The talent gap between Clemson and South Carolina was on full display Saturday night. Some fans started blasting coach Muschamp and Ray Tanner for the hiring of coach Boom.

Those fans are absolute idiots.

If you need to blame coaches, blame Spurrier and his former staff.

Spurrier and his enormous ego put the South Carolina program in this situation, not Muschamp. Spurrier and that idiot Lorenzo Ward, a guy who has absolutely no business coaching D-1 football or speaking to the public are the two main guys you should be blaming. Not Muschamp. Spurrier thought his name alone would be enough to entice recruits to attend South Carolina, he was wrong.

Spurrier built something nice at South Carolina over the better part of a decade, but isn’t it pointless and wasted after he destroyed it in 3 years?

To make matters worse, Muschamp had to address “disrespect” issues after the game.

Come on!

You got your ass handed to you on the field, don’t whine about disrespect after getting whipped like a bunch of children. To quote the ESPN announcers, ” This is like children trying to block grown men at the lines of scrimmage.” Settle it on the field and fight like Gamecocks are known for.

It sounds like excuses.

Apparently, several Gamecock players directly expressed their displeasure at the way the Tigers finished out Saturday’s Palmetto Bowl via social media.

The Gamecocks got their feathers ruffled by Clemson using back-to-back timeouts in the fourth quarter with the game out of hand to acknowledge seniors and several juniors that are likely to bolt early for the NFL in their final home game.

“I feel like they kind of disrespected us at the end,” safety D.J. Smith said. “Holding the ball and doing all that showboating. I feel like it wasn’t really classy, but it is a rivalry game. It’s going to stick with all of us and we’re going to remember.”

Clemson players accused Gamecocks safety Chris Moody of using the term “little brother” to describe the Tigers earlier in the week. To Clemson, the 56-7 beat down Saturday night was making a point in the rivalry, which Clemson now leads 68-42-4.

“South Carolina has been and always will be the little brother in this rivalry. It is what it is. Look at the record,” said Clemson senior linebacker Ben Boulware. “They had their little five-peat (from 2009-2013). It’s kind of like when you have a little brother and your mom comes in the room and you have your PlayStation and your mom says, ‘Let your little brother play a little bit. Let him see what it feels like to win.’ So we kind of gave them the controllers for a little bit and let them see what it felt like to win. … We got tired of that, and snapped those controllers back.”

Dabo Swinney said in his post game press conference the first timeout was called by a player and the second timeout was called by Swinney to let those players be recognized a final time in Death Valley, those players received a standing ovation.

Wide receiver Terry Googer was visibly upset after the game and had to be escorted to the locker room prior to coming out to sing the alma mater.

In addition to the way the Gamecocks accused the Tigers of “disrespect,” there were some more serious accusations made after the game as well when several Gamecock players took to social media to expose their displeasure.

“I don’t want to talk too much about it because it’s irrelevant now. Bryson Allen-Williams said. “The score was what it was. They called one of our defensive linemen, they used the N word, one of their offensive linemen, I don’t know what number. We’re going to get them back. We’ll definitely have this game circled. That’s not common. They were doing a lot of disrespectful things, warming up on our side of the 50, you don’t do that. Like I said, the score was what it was, they beat us and they were the better team today.”

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said he spoke with his team and that all these accusations are “absolutely false.”

If these accusations are accurate, then Dabo and the Clemson community should be ashamed and embarrassed that such ignorant behavior would take place, but that’s Clemsons problem, this article is about the Gamecocks and how they quit Saturday night against their instate rival.

I don’t claim to be the smartest guy in the room, ever, but if all this, “disrespect” took place, handle it on the field.

That’s been the knock on this team all season, the lack of physicality.

Disrespect them back, handle your business on the field. Hell, implement the old Dick Sheridan method of tearing ACL’s. No, it wouldn’t have helped on the scoreboard last night, but it could have helped future Clemson opponents and hushed some of the so- called “disrespect.” Instead, you got dominated on the field, by back-ups, the entire second half and then whined on social media about how Clemson ended the game after the fact.

If you didn’t like what Clemson was doing on the field, you should’ve stopped them. Don’t like the touchdown celebrations? You should’ve kept them out of the end zone. Didn’t like the fans heckling you? You should’ve won the game, they would’ve shut up.

Sounds salty and petty complaining about late timeouts and running up the score after a whooping.

This was an embarrassment of epic proportions. The Gamecocks haven’t played good football since the Missouri game and quite honestly, didn’t seem to care or be prepared for the Clemson game.

Is there a quarterback controversy?


B-Mac will be an important part of this program moving forward, but it was clear, even against the Clemson back-ups in mop up duty that he doesn’t understand down and distance football yet.

This season was about getting the program back on track and heading in the right direction, anyone that says Muschamp hasn’t done that is just plain ignorant. He’s building the foundation.

A loss can’t take that away, not even a blowout loss to your instate rival.

Go Gamecocks!




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  3. #1cockfan says:

    Wonder if a certain ex-football coach has been aware of a certain team’s struggles to compete in the SEC due to his apathy and failure as a program builder . Apologies not accepted due to excessive greed .

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