Kamado Style Baby Backs using the 2-2-1 method

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baby backs

Baby Backs using the 2-2-1 method Kamado style

Kamado Style Baby Backs: If it’s not falling off the bone, it’s gnawing off the bone


Baby backs

Rub ( I use Dizzy Dust Original by Dizzy Pig)

aluminum foil (I use an aluminum pan as well)

Wood chips: Pecan & Apple


1.  Remove the membrane which is a thick plastic-like skin over the boney part of the Baby Backs ( See video below).


2.  Dry (blot) the Baby Backs with a paper towel. Rub the ribs down with a spicy mustard, then sprinkle brown sugar and your rub of choice, covering both sides of the Baby Backs…Wrap in foil and place in the fridge overnight.

3.  Prep the Kamado

a. Add lump charcoal to the fire bowl.

b.  Light charcoal and drop in wood chunks.

c.  Place the plate setter, for indirect cooking and then place the food grate

on top.

d.  After the coals have been burning for about 10-12 minutes, close the lid on the ceramic cooker and begin to regulate temp to 250°.

4.  Once the smoker reaches 250°, adjust the vent at the bottom and the top to hold this temperature…the daisy wheel at the top is only slightly cracked open at about 25% open and the bottom vent is open about 3/4 of an inch, and slap the ribs on.

Below is a video on how to start your Kamado grill, (I’m showing a vision grill, because it’s what I own) a Kamado Joe, Green Egg, etc…. are all basically the same. My Shameless plug for the Vision Grills product line.

 The 2-2-1 Method

1.  Start a timer for 2 hours and leave the ribs in the smoker, directly on the grate or rib rack. (DO NOT OPEN)

2.  After 2 hours are up, wrap the Baby Backs in heavy duty foil or an easier method is to place them in a large foil pan with foil covering the top tightly.

baby backs

step 2 of the 2-2-1 baby backs kamado style

a.  Place approximately three inches of a 75/25 mix of Apple Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar into the pan and lay the ribs directly in the liquid, cover the pan tightly with foil. Continue to cook the baby backs this way for the next two hours.

3.  After 2 hours have expired with the ribs in foil or in the covered pan, remove them from the pan or foil and place them once again directly on the grate/rack for 1 hour. Brush your BBQ sauce on the baby backs for the last twenty minutes or so to allow the sauce to thicken and stick.


Remove baby backs from packaging and lay bone side up

Remove baby backs membrane

Rub on both sides

Get the Kamado ready to smoke at 250°

Place ribs directly on grate boney side down for 2 hours

Wrap ribs in foil or place them in foil pan and cook for 2 hours

Remove ribs from foil and place bone side down on grate for 1 hour

Slice and serve


1.  Spare ribs are done in exactly the same way by adding 1 hour to the initial step making them 3-2-1

Baby Backs

2.  Apply sauce during the final phase


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