Auburn University: Auburn, AL

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Auburn University

Auburn University Tailgate

Auburn University Tailgating Tips:

Places to stay:

The best hotels are all on College street if you want to be close to the stadium. Honestly, any of the places in town are fine. They’ree not cheap on game weekends though, much like every other college town in the SEC.

If the hotels in Auburn are full, and they most likely will be if you wait past July to reserve a room, try Opelika  (town just outside of Auburn) or a lot of Gamecocks stay in Columbus, Georgia which is only about 1 hour outside of Auburn. I have heard some also prefer LaGrange, GA, about 45 minutes north of Auburn on I-85, personally, I know very little about LaGrange.

2. Attractions in or around Auburn you shouldn’t miss?
Auburn is a small town, if not for the University, it would be nothing more than a dot on a map.

Much like Columbia has natural attractions, Auburn does as well. They have Chewacla State Park which advertises a 26-acre lake with rental boats, hiking trails and a Campground too. Be sure and check out Auburn’s Tourism website for other things to see.

3. Where to get fat:

The Barbeque House on College Street and Niffer’s Place on Opelika Road are the first that come to mind as Auburn’s most well known restaurants for dinner. For lunch or a snack, don’t miss out on stopping at Toomer’s Drug Store on the world famous Toomer’s Corner, either. They serve sandwiches and other diner-style food along with all the Auburn memorabilia money could buy!

toomer's corner

Auburn University, Toomer’s Corner

4. Auburn University Parking:

On gameday, parking can be a nerve racking mess.

Two to four hours before the game, the Mell Street corridor, bound by the intersections of Thach and College, Mell and Samford, and Miller and College, will close to all vehicles.

You can pay to reserve parking in lots on Duncan Drive, South Quad, Wright and Glenn Street, the library deck and the northpark deck.

Handicap parking is open on game day as well. Handicap spots are shown on the Game Day Map.

Tiger Transit will begin running four hours prior to kick off. Visitors can board the transit at the Village Mall, Auburn University Regional Airport, Sam’s Club, Duck Samford Park, Auburn City Softball Complex and the Tiger Town Kohl’s parking lot.

The Tiger Transit will also be making several stops on campus, including War Eagle Way, Facilities Division, Lem Morrison and Donahue, Woodfield and Donahue as well as the west parking lot.

You can track the Tiger Transit using its website.
5. Tailgating rubric:

What? Tailgating is not allowed on campus until 4pm….ON FRIDAY! You really don’t get a much better rule than that. Other rules are as follows:

  • It is unlawful to use any university utilities.
  • Permits are required for any tent with stakes that are 12-inches or longer. Permit requests are handled online at
  • Generators, grills, and flammable materials such as propane and gasoline are not allowed within 50 feet of campus buildings or in other designated no-grill areas.

6. Gameday traditions you don’t want to miss:
The Tiger Walk is much like the Gamecock Walk except for the fact that it has much more history. It has been done for Decades and is a huge part of the Gameday Tradition in Auburn.

tiger walk

Auburn University tradition, Tiger Walk

Whatever you do, don’t forget to be in the Stadium 45 minutes before kickoff. They release the War Eagle and it flies around the stadium as the fans cheer it on till it dives down to midfield to get it’s prey. It is one of the greatest Pre-game rituals in the SEC.


If Auburn wins, do yourself a favor and go see Toomer’s Corner get rolled. It is by far one of the best post-game traditions in the SEC. Of course I have not witnessed it since the Harvey Updyke incident.

Comment or shoot me an email If I have left something off.

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